Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sudan attracts Palin

Well, I am not sure if we should blame Bashir for this. Apparently the former governor of Alaska, wannabe President of the United States, and otherwise ‘awesome’ Sarah Palin has expressed the intent to visit the Sudan sometime next July. Don’t we all miss John Prendergast in this constellation? Would it not be a great opportunity to draw even more ‘international’ attention to the plight of the battle-hungry ‘Sudanese’?
Possibly she could intervene in the Abyei showdown, and better still mediate between the Dinka Ngok and the Misseriya. It would definitely be a sight to see her stroll in Kadugli, definitely without getting too close to Ahmed Haroun, ICC and all.
Or may be her good offices could be employed to serve the quest for ‘peace’ between the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA) and its contenders, Athor and Gadet. I guess she could start by communicating with Gadet through his Facebook page. He does have one. He could in some battle break possibly explain to her the message of the Mayom Declaration.
Perhaps I am too ambitious, the madam probably just wants to land in Juba for the festivities of 9 July, greet President Kiir and lay a lone rose on John Garang’s grave. Juba rocks Palin. Don’t miss it. 


  1. The picture of Palin facebooking Gadet just made roll out laughing on the floor! There needs to be a jolly moment among this chaos, hopefully Sarah will provide for it.

  2. Hi Ismini,
    long time since the UN days. Send a mail if you have time.



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