Friday, 8 June 2012

Sudan, the Arab Spring and the Politics of Fatigue

Chapter in recent publication of the Heinrich Boell Foundation


  1. In the backdrop of the PCP, the Communists, the NCP, the NIF, the PCP, the Communists, the NCP, the NIF, the...
    let the healing begin from our betters Dr. Gizouli.

    you continue to underestimate the power of new forces. All of you do. And yet you are all witnessing new states in bordering regions that none of you predicted.


  2. thanks for the response,
    I focused in the chapter on the analysis of the events that actually took place, and did not field any predictions, rather a note on what I understand is necessary to bridge the rural-urban rift in the Sudanese polity. The critique of the 'new forces', as you wish to name them is informed by the analysis of this rift, one that continues to plague their efforts. I think it way too early to make any exalted assessment of the developments in the region. In that regard I prefer Chinese caution, I must say. When asked in the early 1970s about the impact of the French Revolution on Western civilization Zhou Enlai famously responded "too early to tell".

  3. I may not be trained in your art, but your analysis and caution is not truly original. It has been tried and done for. The lack of spring is a referendum on these failed philosophies.
    Unable to adapt. Communists.

    1. Thanks again for your comments

      I have just read your detailed review of the chapter, and I think we only differ on one issue, my Communist failure to adapt aside, namely the assessment of 'cyber-activism', while you do agree on the necessity of addressing the disconnect between rural and urban struggles. I do not argue for delaying the wished for 'spring', on the contrary, my pledge is to try again, learn, and try again. In that regard, only the process is original. Marx' notion of tragedies and farces is instructive.

    2. I understand your reservations with uncontrolled activism, particularly where western media is concerned.
      we continue to negotiate between empire and tyranny unfortunately.
      looking forward to your next post
      use wisely is what i say


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