Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sixty nine years of the Communist Party of Sudan

According to its official history, today marks the 69th anniversary of the Communist Party of Sudan. During a large chunk of its history, the party was a workshop of creative dissent, sufficiently threatening to the Sudanese establishment as to earn its wrath time and again. Today, it is a reservoir of an idiom and certain skills of underground struggle but not the vanguard it once perceived itself as. Whether the creole Marxism of the Sudanese communists and their skills are of any relevance to Sudan's struggles today is a matter of debate. I believe some are and will attempt in articles to follow to demonstrate to what use these resources of emancipation could be employed today. 

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  1. Hey, I appreciate your writing. The party line on relations with Egypt did not uncover much political insight. In 1951 the S.M.N.L. ‎had took an interest, together with various non-Communist gatherings, in the United Front for ‎Sudanese Liberation. Dismissing the draft constitution for Sudan, the Communists contended that it would hinder the "political flexibility" they were ‎campaigning for. Naguīb was portrayed by the Communists as the contact man who was helping ‎further infiltration of U.S. colonialism in the Sudan. Be that as it may, had not the Sudanese Communists given ‎their endorsement to General Naguīb and his approach as late as November ? Yet, the party had been ‎mistaken, they said; it had not comprehended the genuine character of the new Egyptian rulers, who were ‎‎"running canines of.
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